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Trust Chem, a privately owned company, is one of the biggest producers and exporters of speciality color chemicals in China. We are unique in having the largest organic pigment laboratory and currently 4 manufacturing sites covering AZO, Phthalo Blue, HPPs. Trust Chem owns the sales offices in Europe, the USA and Australia. We deal with most of the major international pigment buyers. Our focus is on organic ... more>>
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Benzimidazolone Yellow 180  Product Code-TCY18001
PY 180 is an FDA Approved (Section 178.3297) non-warping, green shade yellow with excellent heat stability. TCY18001 is recommended for use in various plastics such as for PVC, polyolefins, rubber, PS, PP, PET, engineering plastics and for spin dyeing.
Benzimidazolone Yellow 154  Product Code-TCY15401
PY 154 is a green shade yellow with excellent fastness properties. It is primarily recommended for high quality industrial finishes and automotive coatings.
Benzimidazolone Orange 36  Product Code-TCO03601
An opaque, very lightfast orange suggested for industrial and automotive coatings.
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